Friday, March 9, 2012

Taking it Outside

Things finally started to warm up here in Ottawa this week so I took Wednesday’s run outside. It definitely took me a while to adjust but it was such a beautiful day that my 5 miles went by (relatively) fast :) I did my first mile at 12:00 min/mile and gradually sped up to 10:30 for my last mile. 

I have my last long run (10 miles) before the NYC Half scheduled for Sunday. It’s supposed to be another nice day so I’m hoping to run along the Rideau Canal, my favorite route. It’ll be a good opportunity to test out my Camelbak and my playlist! 

Unfortunately the weather this afternoon wasn’t quite as welcoming so I stuck to my treadmill for the 5 miles on my schedule. Today’s source of entertainment was The Voice, my favorite of the singing competition shows. And not just because I have a thing for tattooed musicians ;) 

I really like the fact that The Voice showcases talented singers from the get-go. I always skip the first few episodes of American Idol because I get really bored watching all the horrible auditions. I also think focusing on mentoring rather than judging is a great concept. 

This was the first week of battle-rounds and the performances were, for the most part, really good.  Of course, I disagreed with the mentors’ picks every single time; I guess it’s a good thing I’m not judging any of these shows :P 

Do you watch any of the singing competition shows? 
What are your workout plans for the weekend?


  1. I'm a new watcher for The Voice, but I loved the last couple episodes I watched! I would also watch, though, and wonder why nobody was turning their chair around for a singer. I thought everyone sounded amazing, and a friend had to explain it to me that the show only lets talented singers on. American Idol has confused me!

    I have a 5 miler tomorrow, and a time challenge high-intensity interval challenge for Sunday. I'm excited because I have Monday off work, so I can do my run on Monday first thing in morning. So exciting! :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. I love The Voice!! I only saw part of this week's ep, gotta catch up! My workout plans are an 8 mile run tomorrow and some time in the pool on Sunday.

  3. I have gotten addicted to the Voice! I used to wonder what all the fuss was over Adam Levine, but, uh.... not any more! =)

    Also, you are going to ROCK the NYC half! I'm so excited/nervous/ready to get out there and DO it!